Saankhya Techneering Pvt Ltd ("Saankhya")
Based in Bangalore, Saankhya provides plant engineering design services to customers worldwide. Saankhya's knowledge-based CAD/CAM/CAE tool design and allied services cater to the engineering requirements of the oil and gas, power, and process and manufacturing industries using high-end software tools.
Acromobile App Icon AcroMobile
Acromobile provides Mobile Customer Engagement solutions for companies of all sizes across multiple industries – media, publishing, retail, healthcare, financial services, lifestyle and many more – in order to help them drive customer acquisition, loyalty, commerce and customer service
Cerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd. ("Cerebra")
Cerebra Group is a leading global provider of IT solutions with expertise in high-quality and cost-effective Discovery Solutions, Contract Management, Commercial Real Estate Services, Compliance and Legal Research Services
ClearWater Data Pte Ltd. ("ClearWater Data")
The ClearWater Data solutions address the challenges of dealing with massive data flow volumes. A purpose built facility which is robust, scalable, low effort to implement and secure. A data-centric architecture enabling the ingestion of billions of daily transactions.
Kreeda Kreeda Games India Pvt Ltd. ("Kreeda")
Kreeda is the leading online game publisher and developer in India, who works with clients mainly in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The Kreeda Team combines the strengths of the founding team and experienced development resources that adhere to well defined software-lifecycle development processes.
Instant Collaboration Software Technologies Pvt Ltd ("Instacoll")
Based in Bangalore, Instacoll is a leading provider of online and offline office productivity and collaboration tools.
radiance logo Radiance Digital Entertainment Ltd. ("Radiance")
Based in Shanghai, Radiance is an online game developer and computer graphic outsourcing company.  Launched in 2005, Radiance has worked for a global clients including Google, Sunflowers, Ourgame Vina Games, and Turner Networks.


PropTiger Realty Private Limited ("PropTiger")
PropTiger is an independent real estate advisor with a pan-India presence. Specialists in the complete real estate lifecycle, from research to valuation to purchase
PayActive, Inc ("PayActiv")
PayActiv provides employers with secure infrastructure and tools to increase employee productivity and engagement by reducing employee financial stress.
srch2 logo SRCH2 Inc ("SRCH2")
SRCH2 is Search Forward. For sites, apps, and devices which view search as a mission critical differentiator, SRCH2 is search reimagined as a profit center and key value driver. SRCH2 enables search that is 31x faster than the industry standard, with advanced features that simply work- with zero investment in custom development, reconfiguration, or modification.

Teabox.com ("Teabox")
Teabox is a premium tea e-commerce platform for delivery of fresh tea to tea lovers across the world.

updated 1 Feb 17